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Mozambique has set a new record in meat production with 181,792 tonnes in 2023.

According to the livestock production report published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADER), meat production in Mozambique increased by 4.5% in 2023, compared to 174,046 tons in 2022. This significant growth in meat production is the result of various factors, such as better implementation of animal movement control measures, control of cattle theft, and clandestine slaughter. Beef production alone reached a record of 21,136 tons in 2023, which is 5% more than the previous year, thanks to the slaughter of 148,844 cattle. The report states that in 2023, the national beef production satisfied around 94% of the projected national consumption of 22,522 tons.

The meat production from small ruminants such as goats and sheep grew by 5% to 3,926 tons, and chicken meat increased by 4% to 152,784 tons. Mozambique also set a new record in the production of eggs for consumption, which grew by 8% to 28,667,207 dozen. The production of fresh milk increased by 2% to 2,486,344 liters, with the Manica and Sofala provinces contributing 70% of the total.

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